Like to speak with our Minister?

Please call Pastor Susan Dorward at 973-338-7676
     or email her:

Like to speak with an Elder?

Please call Elder Marjorie Tiedemann
     or email her:

Like to speak with a Deacon?

Please call Deacon Betty Schwenk at 973-751-2262
    or email her: 

Like to find out more about our free Community Meal?

Please call  Sally Thompson at 973-571-0630
    or email her:

Interested in using rooms in our facilities?

Please call Jean Browne at 862-210-8577 
    or email her:

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Consistory Committees:

President – Pastor Susan Dorward, 973-338-7676,

Vice President – Marjorie Tiedemann,

Lead Deacon – Betty Schwenk, 973-751-2262,

Lead Elder – Marjorie Tiedemann,

Music and Worship – Claudette Reid, 973-844-0906,
Christian Education – Carolyn Jackson, 908-370-3479,
Outreach & Mission – Rich Cantwell, 201-210-8117,
Hospitality – Betty Schwenk, 973-751-2262,
Manse & Church Property – Neil Breen, 973-868-0959, or
Joe Schwenk,  973-751-2262,
Finance – Sue Slater,